Annual Meeting 2018 Messenger Registration To Be Online

October 1, 2018
Annual Meeting 2018 Messenger Registration To Be Online

What is a "Messenger?"

At the Arkansas Baptist State Convention's annual meeting, a messenger is a voting member who takes part in business sessions. A Messenger represents their local church and must be sent with approval from their church.

This year, messenger registration is available completely online. Your church must register you as a messenger if you would like to take part in voting matters. Every church has different methods of choosing messengers. If you are interested in becoming a messenger and representing your congregation at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, you should talk to your church staff or pastor to find out how that works at your church.

How to Register Online

Messenger cards were not included in Arkansas Baptist churches’ 2018 Annual Church Profile (ACP) packets. Church clerks and pastors can pre-register messengers in Workspace, the Arkansas Baptist database, using their church’s ACP login credentials.

After the pre-registration process is complete, messenger cards may be printed or saved on your phone and brought to the Annual Meeting registration desk in order for messengers to receive their voter’s ballots.

Churches are allowed a proportionate number of messengers based on the membership reported in the previous year's ACP. The allotted number of messengers maybe viewed on Workspace.

When you arrive at the Pastors' Conference or Annual Meeting, you should visit the registration area to complete the registration process. You will need to present your messenger card, either on a mobile device or in a printed format. You should receive an email that includes this messenger card after registering and again just days before the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. After scanning the messenger card, you will receive your book of reports & ballots for the business sessions.

Registration is now open at If you need assistance, call 1(800) 838-2272 or (501) 376-4791 and ask for Gwen McCallister (ext. 5103).