Inspire 2018 Breakout Sessions

February 13, 2018
Inspire 2018 Breakout Sessions

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Living Redeemed in the Hard Times:

Did you know that a day with pain and suffering is a more profitable day for the Kingdom of God than a day without? Join us as we study your purpose in the hard times and gain spiritual tools for the transformation of our minds. 

Led by Terry Carver, Rock Hill Baptist, De Queen


The Story of Redemption

To describe the Bible with one word would be to overwhelmingly choose, "Redemption!"  Join us as we trace the story that unfolds from Genesis to Revelation as God brings us from separation to sight. 

Led by Shelly Chandler, Central Baptist Church, Conway


Living Redeemed in Difficult Relationships

Sometimes relationships are difficult, conversations hard, situations messy, people get defensive and a response is needed.  How do we navigate through these difficult relationships with healthy boundaries and Godly integrity?  Please join in this important conversation!

Led by Susan Goss, MS, LPC, LMFT; Tangible Truth Ministries, & First Baptist Church Bentonville



Spiritual warfare is a reality for all believers. The call to stand against the forces of darkness is repeated throughout the New Testament. In this session, Marian teaches from personal experiences how to take up the full armor of God and stand in the victory that is ours in Jesus Christ.

Led by Marian Jordan Ellis, Keynote Speaker & Author


Living Redeemed in Our Thoughts

Most people are unaware of the patterns of their thoughts and do not take the time to examine them and change them to conform to Biblical truths.  Thoughts that are Biblical will be truthful – helpful – hopeful, and will decrease worry, fear and anxiety.  Learn how the Holy Spirit helps speak to us, strengthen and empower us to “Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.”  II Corinthians 10:3-5

Led by Donna Seal, 2nd Baptist Conway


Living Redeemed in My Marriage and Family

Ginger has been influencing women of all ages with her insights on following Christ in our marriages and homes.  Join us as she shares scripture and personal stories to help you discover simple attitudes and actions that will strengthen your relationship with your husband and children. 

Led by Ginger Morgan, First Baptist Church, Clinton


Living Redeemed Through Our Stories for the Glory of God

Andrea shares from personal experience how adoption, dyslexia, loneliness, and issues of control led to feelings of isolation and fear. God stepped in and changed the direction of her story and redeemed every single area of her life. Learn how God’s power can redeem and restore your life as Andrea challenges us to use our stories to lead others to Him! 

Led by Andrea Lennon, Women’s Ministry Specialist ABSC; True Vine Ministry, 2nd Baptist Conway


Living Redeemed to Love, Welcome & Serve

Amy loves comfort, character and home.  She brings a fresh look at how we can blanket our homes in hospitality through the telling of stories, sharing memories, and providing a haven for our families and friends.  Learn how we can encourage each other to make and share food, to invite people and to invest in them, and to open our homes and our hearts!  

Led by Amy Nelson Hannon, author of ‘Love, Welcome, Serve’, and owner of Euna Mae’s Kitchen Boutique in Springdale