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3 Steps to Begin Protecting Your Church

The biggest security mistakes can easily be avoided: do not assume security issues won't happen at your church or that you are already prepared. The best protection is to be proactive and begin preparing.
February 16, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions about Arkansas Baptists

Because we are often asked questions like, “What is the Arkansas Baptist State Convention?” and “What exactly do you do?,” we would like to offer a little explanation. You might be surprised by the ways you are already connected with us!
February 16, 2018
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2017 Kingdom Wins

Your faith in action led to Kingdom wins in 2017—specifically, to changed lives across our state, nation, and world.
January 23, 2018
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When God's People Pray

I remember the first time I heard Wayne Watson’s song by that title. I sometimes find myself humming or singing it… “When God’s people pray, there is hope restored, there is sin forgiven…”
January 18, 2018
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Why the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is Collected at Christmas

Through the years, Lottie Moon's life and words have continued to inspire Southern Baptists to greater giving of our lives and money to the cause of Christ. But why do we connect Lottie Moon and our Christmas offering to international missions?
December 11, 2017
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Ways to Safeguard Your Church Against Active Shooters

Church shootings are becoming more commonplace in today’s society. Keeping church members safe from active shooters has become a new concern for Southern Baptist pastors and staff.
November 30, 2017
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Get to Know Your 2018 Annual Meeting Presidents

How well do you know your newly elected 2018 Pastors' Conference and Convention presidents? John McCallum and Greg Sykes took some time to chat with us so that you might see them as more than the men behind the podium.
November 8, 2017
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Top Moments from #ABSC17 [Photos]

See photos from the top moments of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention!
November 8, 2017
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How To Pray For Your Pastor

"...I can assure you, any pastor genuinely called to the ministry knows he needs prayer; earnest, passionate, and effective prayer." Dr. Ronnie Floyd offers five Scriptural prayers you can pray for your pastor.
October 9, 2017
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6 Ways to Deepen Your Missional Experience After It’s “Over”

Stepping out in faith both challenges and deepens our understanding of serving the Lord. But once we return home from a mission trip or service experience, how can we take these lessons and experiences and grow from them?
October 12, 2017
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