Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering Inactive

Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering Inactive

The annual Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering and week of prayer bring Arkansas churches together to spread the truth of Christ. This year, the focus is living the Gospel on a daily basis.

Paul paints a beautiful picture in 1 Thessalonians. As servants of the risen Christ, he and his companions gave their all to live the Gospel before the lost in Thessalonica, not just in a momentary gathering for a worship service, but in a day-in, day-out surrender.

How do we follow Paul’s example and live the Gospel every moment of every day? Sometimes, it is a simple matter of opening our eyes to see opportunities available in our work places and neighborhoods. Other times, it involves getting out of our comfort zones to surrender to a new task, job or role set before us by the Lord. Either way, no portion of our lives can be separated from the goal of reaching this world for Christ.

We ask that you and your church join us in prayer for and giving to the missions that will take place across Arkansas because of the 2016 Dixie Jackson Offering. Suggested offering dates are Sunday, Sept. 11 or Sunday, Sept. 18. Through your prayers and gifts to Dixie Jackson, Arkansas Baptists are sharing life and sharing the Gospel with the lost here in Arkansas.


Dixie Jackson 2016 Planning Guide

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Dixie Jackson 2016 Prayer Guide

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Dixie Jackson 2016 Logos

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This file contains the 2016 Dixie Jackson theme logo as well as the general logo for the Dixie Jackson offering.