Your Church & Money Seminar - Walnut Ridge

Your Church & Money Seminar - Walnut Ridge

Your Church and Money is a 3-hour workshop that helps churches understand their obligations as employers, as non-profit organizations, and the importance of ongoing stewardship education.  Churches will learn best practices for staying in compliance with IRS guidelines by discussing topics such as:

  • Payroll reporting requirements
  • Proper classification of those who work for your church
  • What the Affordable Care Act and new overtime rules mean for your church
  • The importance of proper cash controls
  • Identifying what is and is not a charitable contribution
  • The importance and process of preparing a missional budget
  • Resources available for stewardship education
  • And much more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                    2017 Your Church & Money

    To pre-register for any of these seminars go to or call 501-376-4791 ext. 5114 or 800-838-2272 ext. 5114 or click on Your Church & Money Registration.

          Tuesday, Aug. 15              9:00 am                Walnut Ridge – First Baptist Church, 322 SW Front

          Tuesday, Aug. 15              6:00 pm                Calico Rock – First Baptist Church, 1413 Highway 56

          Tuesday, Aug. 22              9:00 am                Little Rock – Baptist Building, 10 Remington Dr.

          Tuesday, Aug. 22              6:00 pm                Camden – Cullendale First Baptist, 1850 Cash Rd. SW

          Tuesday, Aug. 29              9:00 am                Waldron – First Baptist, 57 W 6th St.

          Tuesday, Aug. 29              6:00 pm                 Bella Vista – Bella Vista Baptist, 50 East Lancashire

          Tuesday, Sept. 5              9:00 am                 Dumas – First Baptist, 200 E Waterman St.

                Tuesday, Sept. 5              6:00 pm                 West Helena – Second Baptist, 302 E Baldwin