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Church Revitalization

crlogowebThe Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) will be putting a special emphasis on Church Revitalization. Please take the time to check out an overview of the ABSC Church Revitalization Emphasis, along with an explanation of the process, and information about how to participate. This process is designed to be relevant and beneficial to all churches, whether growing, plateaued, or struggling and is open to pastors and staff. Visit for more information.


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About ABSC


new buildingThe purpose of the Executive Board teams of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention is to establish ministering relationships and serve churches and associations as their primary partner in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Main number: 501.376.4791
Toll-free (in Ark): 800.838.ABSC (2272)



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How You Can Pray for College Students
Written by James Taylor   

prayforcollegestudentsCollege-aged students are spiritually under attack. Some think that statement is hyperbole, but I don’t. Ephesians 6 shows us that all believers are under attack, but I believe that students on our college campuses are especially in the sights of the Adversary. These attacks are exemplified by the recent removal of evangelical ministries from some state and private universities. People of faith are being told their beliefs don’t belong in the public square and many students are at the front line of this battle.

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How to Choose and Train a Mission Team Leader
Written by Bob Fielding   

missionleaderThere probably aren’t many weeks of the year that at least one Arkansas Baptist Church doesn’t have a mission team somewhere in the world. The differences in those teams are like night and day: their assignments, their makeup, their numbers, and more. But they ALL have one thing in common. Every mission team needs a leader.

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Six Ways to Take Vacation Bible School to the Next Level
Written by Allison Kizzia   

vbsSummer is just around the corner and that means Vacation Bible School (VBS) is not far behind. Like any ministry that is part of the annual church calendar, it benefits from evaluation and creative thinking to help build vision, energy and excitement. Here are six areas to evaluate when looking to add a fresh twist to VBS. Some of these things may already be part of your ministry. If so, think about what you can do to take it to the next level.

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How to Reach an Unreached Generation
Written by Lynn Loyd   

collegegenerationHow do we get the Gospel to this generation of college students? What keeps followers of Christ from engaging the lost campuses of our world? Here are some suggestions of how to break through the barriers to share the Gospel to these future leaders.

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