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Arkansas Baptists stand firmly in the belief that God's love and plan for redemption extends to every person, while also affirming the Bible's definition regarding marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Read the full press release from our Executive Director J.D. "Sonny" Tucker, Ph. D


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Acknowledging Jesus’ words in Acts 1:8, Executive Board teams of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention serve churches and associations as primary partners in starting churches, strengthening churches, and fulfilling the Great Commission locally and globally. As the primary partner of churches and associations, the Executive Board teams will provide the highest quality personnel, services, and information that, in turn, will positively impact worship, evangelism, discipleship, missions, and ministry. This partnership will result in the churches experiencing numerical growth, spiritual growth, ministry expansion, and missions advancement. To find out more about the Arkansas Baptist State Convention CLICK HERE.


The staff of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention exists to serve Arkansas Baptists. We are delighted to assist your congregation.


Each year the Arkansas Baptist State Convention publishes the proceedings of its annual meeting, a compilation of the statistics from the Annual Church Profile, as well as a list of churches and missions, and a directory of pastors and church staff. The Annual contains historical record of the convention.

CLICK HERE to view the most recent Annual Information.


The Annual Church Profile or ACP is a report that a local congregation completes each year and sends to its local Baptist association. In turn the local association passes the information along to the state convention, and eventually to the national convention.

In the Arkansas Baptist State Convention each church is asked to complete a statistical worksheet and a leadership worksheet. Having this information provides valuable tools for the local church, the local association, the state convention, and the national convention.

CLICK HERE for more information.


The Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are the guidelines for conducting the business of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

CLICK HERE for the full list of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.


The local Baptist Association puts missions into the heart of Southern Baptist Churches.  The goal of Associational Missions Development is to help associations develop an Acts 1:8 strategy.  The Associational Missions Development group partners with associational missionaries to provide resources and assistance in order to resource and strengthen churches and the associational ministry.

CLICK HERE for a list of Associations


Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes Arkansas Baptist News Arkansas Baptist Foundation Arkansas Baptist Assembly Ouachita Baptist University Williams Baptist College






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The Executive Board of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and messengers from each church meet annually to conduct the business of the Convention and to be inspired through worship. Click Here for more information.


The Arkansas Baptist State Convention offers a variety of services to churches and their members. We offer training for church staff and laypersons to be better equipped and to be involved in reaching their communities for Christ.

CLICK HERE for a list of these services and information about whom to contact.


The Dixie Jackson offering funds many ministries in Arkansas in partnership with churches and associations. Examples of these ministries include starting new churches, disaster relief, community ministries, crisis pregnancy services, chaplaincy, addiction recovery, inclusion ministry, Ethnic church starting/strengthening, and conferences for equipping church members for ministry.

CLICK HERE for more information.


Baptist Records

As the official depository for records of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, Riley-Hickingbotham Library is home to more Arkansas Baptist materials than can be found anywhere else. Major components of the holdings are church records, in addition to Baptist publications. Most records are available in their original form as well as on microfilm.

An every-name index to association records through the year 1900 allows easy access to names of thousands of nineteenth-century Arkansas Baptists.

The following maps show the geographic expansion of Arkansas Baptist Associations during the latter half of the nineteenth-century: 1850 map, 1860 map, 1870 map, 1880 map, 1890 map, 1900 map.


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