3151 Challenge

The 3151 Challenge is a simple way to motivate your entire church to engage in intentional evangelism through the ministry of Sunday School. The plan is simple, flexible, and accessible by every church. The 3151 Challenge can be summarized in three parts.

1.  Equip

During the equipping phase, pastors should choose one or more ways to motivate and train people in personal evangelism. Many options are available for consideration.

  • If your church currently uses the Bible Studies for Life curriculum from LifeWay, the Fall quarterly material is written especially as an evangelism tool for use during the 3151 challenge. Churches who use this curriculum line (or order it for the fall) will have a built in evangelism training tool ready to go!
  • If your church does not use Bible Studies for Life, but would still like to use the material for training in Sunday School, the same study is available as a separate, stand-alone resource. The title is “Unvarnished Truth” and can be found here.
  • If your church does not want to use the “Unvarnished Truth” resource, you may choose another evangelism training guide. You can find other examples of ways to train people in personal evangelism by looking through the Evangelism Resource brochure provided by the ABSC Church Health Team.

Whatever method or resource you choose, plan to set aside a period of time leading up to the next phase to intentionally motivate and equip our people to share the gospel.

2. Engage

This phase is where the 3151 challenge gets its name. Your newly trained and motivated church members will be asked to commit to 4 action steps:

  • 3 – Pray for 3 lost friends daily
  • 1 – Learn 1 gospel presentation
  • 5 – Invite 5 friends to their Small Group or Sunday School class
  • 1 – Verbally share the gospel with at least 1 person

Under 3151 resources, you will find commitment cards for to record those in your church who take the challenge. You also find a scorecard for each Sunday School class or Small Group to use when charting their efforts from week to week. Invitation cards are also available to assist with inviting friends to the group. Finally a church poster can be updated each week to see how the church is engaging together in this exciting effort.

3. Celebrate

Conclude the emphasis with a day of celebration! We are praying with you that God will bless your church with baptisms on your celebration Sunday. At the very least, every church can total up the number of people prayed for, invitations made, and attempts to share the gospel. This effort will give your church some tangible goals to focus on and elevate evangelism to its needed place of top priority. Testimonies from church members of personal growth and experiences in sharing the gospel will also be an important part of your day of celebration.

The resources for 3151 also contain a pastor’s guidebook and a guidebook for SS Teachers and Small Group Leaders.

The overview  will give you a printed summary of the campaign as well as suggested dates that will align with the Bible Studies for Life study plan and the SBC’s Soul Winning Commitment Sunday. The dates and length of time are flexible…the focus is to Equip, Engage, and Celebrate what God can do in your church through an intentional focus on evangelism. Take the 3151 Challenge in your church!