Acts 1:8 Strategy Training

Acts 1:8 Strategy Training  

Your church can develop a strategy to lead its members to obey ACTS 1:8 in order to be Jesus’ witnesses in your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Uttermost parts of the world.  Asking some simple questions can help you get a handle on who the Lord has already put in place at your church.

Examples of questions to ask:

  • What are your local needs and areas around your church that are underserved with the gospel?
        Example: Are their multi-housing areas that are underserved? 
  • What abilities, talents and gifts have you discovered in your congregation? Who has He placed in there?
        Example: if you have several folks who speak Spanish, perhaps God is leading your church to   
        be involved in outreach to Spanish speakers, and that could be locally, nationally and
  • Are there overseas ties to your congregation? 
        Example: If seven people in your church previously lived in Germany, that could be one sign that your church may be called to  Germany.

Every member can be equipped to participate in the mission.  All can pray, most can give, and many can go.  We’ll be glad to help you

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