Travelers' Shield

In today’s world, travel safety is a significant concern. At the same time, Missions and evangelism are the heart of Arkansas Baptists.  We take seriously the command to make disciples “as we go”.  Many of our churches send individuals and teams of volunteers each year to carry the good news around the globe. We are excited to introduce our new traveler safety training and emergency response program, and to offer all ABSC churches and entities the opportunity to join together to invest in the safety and security of your mission travelers.   

The ABSC's Travelers' Shield provides:

  • 24/7 First Response phone contact for your volunteers on the field should they have a travel crisis.
  • Access to emergency travel support and crisis contact services. 
  • Forwarding of pertinent, current intel regarding countries where your team will travel.
  • Access to the ABSC Crisis Management Team.  The CMT will activate should they be notified of an incident involving a TRAVELERS’ SHIELD team member whether criminal, hostile government, natural disaster, or medical.  The CMT members assist individual(s) involved in the crisis, media, family, governments, and others who may be involved in resolving the situation.

Individual team members are covered when:

a) Their sending church or agency signs up for Travelers' Shield - a $100 per year investement

b) That team member completes "A+ Level Training" - offered online ($25) or at a live event ($50)

How does our church get started?

1) Download the "Travelers' Shield Information Packet" - any questions? Contact Travis McCormick

2) Pay the church/sending agency annual fee of $100.   Two options for doing this:

       a) Mail in the church/sending agency annual fee of $100. Please open, fill in electronically, print, and send THIS FORM with your check.   (note: Annual fees cover the current calendar year through December 31)
       b) Fill out the electronic online form and pay the annual fee of $100 with a credit card or checking account: HERE  (note: Annual fees cover the current calendar year through December 31)

3) Ensure that every team member completed "A+ Level Training" - this is required for an individual to be covered under Traveler's Shield.

How do individuals receive training?

1) Individuals are covered under Travelers' Shield only after their church or sending agency has paid the annual fee.

2) Take "A+ Level Training" - online or at a live event

  • a) To Take Training Online ($25): fill out this online form, and you will be contacted within 72 hours with instructions on how to proceed. You'll need a credit card to pay for this online when you receive the instructions.
  • b) To Take Live Training ($50): The next live training has not yet been scheduled. Please check back soon for future dates.