Church Planting Updates

Gerardo Acevedo, La Cosecha: Pastor Gerardo Acevedo is on a mission to reach the Hispanic people in Russellville, AR for Christ. His church is launching a new small group this month.

Donnie Grigg, Vertical Community Church:  Each month Donnie and his family minister to the families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Washington Regional Hospital – they provide them with a meal once a month along with a bag full of materials needed while staying in the Hospital for an extensive period.  They also give them a devotional and send in church members to love on the employees of the hospital as well as the families.

Jerad Sears, Narrative Church: Two couples in our church are stepping out to start a house church focused on their neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas. Four other families with young kids are partnering with them. The focus of this house church is to equip each other and their families to live as missionaries. There are a few couples in this neighborhood who are not followers of Jesus who are actively being engaged. Pray for this new work!

Andrew Munneke, The Hill Church: We took advantage of the fifth Sunday this month to engage our community by serving together rather than meeting within our walls. We spent that Sunday morning serving a nearby community center.  We painted, picked up trash, cleaned out closets, and helped prepare projects that kids will get to do this summer.  Though some of the tasks we were given seemed monotonous or small, the staff at the community center was incredibly grateful, as they don’t have the time or man power to complete many of the things we were able to do for them in just a few hours. We got to practically serve an organization in our community that has a goal similar to ours in that they care greatly for the neighborhood and aim to serve the people around us, though their mission is not gospel-centered.  We got to live out the Gospel by stepping into their space and helping them with projects they never would have been able to do on their own, and praising the name of the Father all the while. 

Another story from Andrew:  Gideon heard about The Hill through a friend, and decided to come check it out.  This was strange for him, as he had never really been into the “church” scene.  After church, he talked with the friend he had come with, and recognized his need for Christ.  Gideon committed his life to Jesus, and joined us for Baptism Sunday the next week.  In front of the whole church body, Gideon shared his testimony; a story of seeking love and belonging through many avenues.  He shared with us about how he always wanted to belong, but never felt satisfied with his circumstances.  He never felt like he belonged, until he came to The Hill.  It was baffling to him that so many people could come together and love one another and talk about a God who accepted them no matter what. Gideon moved nearly everyone who heard him to tears that morning, but the tears were countered with thunderous cheers of joy and celebration when Gideon was brought out of the baptismal waters.