Block Party Training Module

Disclaimer: This is only intended for use by Church Plants. Established Arkansas Baptists Churches should contact Tracy Archibald to learn how to request a block party trailer.

Welcome to the Block Party Trailer Training Module. We are excited that you're interested in Block Party ministry. Through this training, you will learn how to prepare for a block party, execute a block party and respond following the block party. 

Below, you will find 6 videos (each under 3 minutes). These videos cover a range of information, including the prepartion process, using the trailer and much more. Also, at the bottom of the page, you will find a download link to the Block Party Manual. We encourage you download this, and follow along while watching the videos. 

Completion of this training module is required before you will be able to reserve and use the block party trailer. 

1. Introduction

2. The 5 P's of Block Party Evangelism 

3. The Preparation Guide

4. The Requesting Process

5. Pick Up & Return Process

6. Conclusion

After watching all 6 videos, fill out this form to complete your certification.


Download Resources below. (Resources include the Block Party Manual & Bounce House Waiver that must be signed.)