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What does it take for a Sunday School Class to multiply? Some of our Sunday School classes offer so much growth potential. There is a drive and strong determination within the class to see it grow and multiply. However, some of are classes are lacking for initiative and drive. As a result, the class never will see growth and it will never multiply. Below are some key principles to consider for multiplying the Sunday School Class.

Growth. Build a mindset of growth. Every Sunday, give the outreach coordinator a platform (5-10 minutes) to report about prospects and absentees that need to be contacted. Set some standard of accountability for contacts to be made. 
Leadership. As the leader of the class, always be on the lookout for potential leaders. Look for potential teachers, assistant teachers, outreach coordinators, greeters, fellowship coordinators, coffee makers, etc. At least once a year, give a class survey for the purpose of uncovering potential leadership, discovering potential ministry interests, and highlighting existing ministries within the class where involvement is needed.

Service. The reason many classes are dying and stagnant is because the teacher is the one-man-show. They teach, contact, visit hospitals, make the coffee, plan fellowships, cut hair…you name it, they do it all. If the classes are going to multiply, encourage the members to serve within the class and the church. The sign of a multiplying class can be seen by how many people are leaving to serve. Service should be an expectation of the class.

Targets. No matter the age of the class, make sure the curriculum, the atmosphere of the class, and the fellowships of the class are targeted towards the age of the class.

Influences. The teacher must tap into the influencers of the class. Every class has key influencers. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some are quiet, some are easily heard. The bottom line is that they must be utilized. Build a relationship with these people. Get them on board with the vision of the class if they aren’t already. Launch them in assisting in growth and the multiplication of the class.

Plan. Most classes have dropped the ball when it comes to growth. They react to growth instead of planning for growth. Have an assistant teacher in place and have him/her teach once a month, so they will be prepared to teach when the class is ready to multiply. Let the class know that it is the mission of the class to multiply. If they hear this week after week, they will come to expect it and want to see it happen.

Atmosphere. A cell is constantly multiplying because it is alive. If the class is going to multiply, it must be alive. Consider these things to make sure the class is exciting week after week:

  • Class atmosphere (Article "How to Use the Five Senses for Sunday School" )
  • Change the teaching format (lecture, video, break into smaller groups)
  • Examine the curriculum - teach to the needs of the class
  • Utilize crowd breakers
  • Set goals and measure the growth along the way

Future. For a Sunday School Class to multiply, the leaders must focus on the future. Yesterday is gone. A class can’t look back, but it must look forward with enthusiasm and expectation.

John Caddy John Caddy serves as a member of the ABSC Evangelism and Church Growth team in the area of Adult Sunday School and Small Group ministry. He served nine years as Associate Pastor of Students at Wynne Baptist Church and four years as Pastor of Church Growth and Evangelism at the Indian Springs Baptist in Bryant. It is his passion to serve Arkansas churches and their staff. He and his wife Lana, along with their four children, reside in Bryant, Arkansas.

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