Are You Connected? Because This Platform is Changing Lives

June 20, 2018
Are You Connected? Because This Platform is Changing Lives

How well are you connected with your friends and family? More than likely you’re sharing pictures, funny moments, and life updates in a variety of ways—email, group texts, social media—on a daily and weekly basis. It brings you joy to be connected so easily even if distance or busy days separate you.

When you chose to join an Arkansas Baptist church, you joined a family and a network. As an Arkansas Baptist and Southern Baptist, you are one of many believers and churches that prioritize the Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations. But you might be surprised by how connected you are in carrying out the Great Commission around the state, our nation, and world because you are Arkansas and Southern Baptist.

In this family, the connection that allows you and your church to play an active role in disciple-making efforts around the world alongside other Southern Baptists is a network called the Cooperative Program (CP). When you faithfully give your tithes and offerings to your church, you are directly connected to this network because your church gives to cooperative, Southern Baptist missions every month. Put another way, the CP is our primary platform as Arkansas and Southern Baptists for furthering the greatest mission and the greatest movement there is—the Gospel of Jesus!

Whether or not you knew this already, that’s something to be excited about, right? Well, even better news is that you can now see how lives are being changed because of your faithfulness to give through a new resource called CP Share!

CP Share is a growing collection of videos, feature stories, resourceful articles, and infographics created to better inform you of how God is multiplying your gifts for the glory of His Kingdom and to give you practical steps to do even more. Because of your desire to see souls saved, every CP Share illustrates how you are fueling missions when you click the donate button or drop your tithe in the offering plate.

CP Share is a resource for you personally and for your church family to use however you like. You also do not need to ask permission from the ABSC to use CP Share videos, articles, or resources because it is your story of your cooperative work in the Gospel. Show the videos during your offertory or share them with your finance committee, missions pastor, or youth group. Reprint the stories in your church’s newsletter. Use the infographics as a sermon illustration or post/tweet them to your church’s social media. Whatever your ideas, CP Share is intended to encourage giving, praying, and going on mission.

You can find all CP Share videos, stories, and resources available for download at as well as on all Arkansas Baptist social media platforms (@arkansasbaptists). If you are having trouble finding a CP Share story, need copies of anything, or have questions about downloading the videos, please contact us at the Arkansas Baptist building or via email

We also want to hear from your church! Tell us about your church’s missions projects, whether they are here in Arkansas or around the world, and what you would like to see in future CP Share stories. Submit your stories to

Enjoy being able to connect with what is happening in your Arkansas Baptist and Southern Baptist family. Together, we can do more!