It's Block Party Season!

June 19, 2019
It's Block Party Season!

Throughout the year, our Church Planting Team provides supplies for our planters when they want to host a block party for their community. The team has put together multiple trailers that are filled with items such as an inflatable, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, evangelical material, and other resources to help begin the conversation about Jesus.

There are four trailers stationed for each area of Arkansas. There is a trailer for Little Rock, West Helena, Northwest Arkansas, and the McGehee/Dermott area. Depending on where our planters are, they can receive a trailer for when they need it.

Why do we do it?

A block party is more than just popcorn machines and inflatables. There is a purpose for these events. Through simple entertainments, planters are able to not only bring the community together, but also bring the community to Jesus.

"The church is more than something within four walls. Block parties give people an opportunity to put feet to what they believe in," said church planting team block party coordinator, Cherie Estes. The church isn't supposed to be confined to a building and a couple of services on Sunday. As the body of Christ, we are commanded to share the gospel with others. This can be done through simple ways, even in line waiting for popcorn.

Block parties also help for our new church planters to get to know their community, and for their community to get to know them. People long for a sense of belonging, and often a party for the neighborhood is what people need to fill that void. There is a reason to gather: to put Jesus on display!

Does it work?

Through meaningful conversations that began at a block party, we’ve seen 363 people come to know Christ as a result of 76 block parties in 2018 and the number is only growing. What a joy it is to be a small part of what of God is doing through ABSC Church Planting to help further the Kingdom of God!



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