New ABSC Church is Caring for Caregivers

June 10, 2019
New ABSC Church is Caring for Caregivers

Church planting is more than a building, it’s about using the gifts God provides us in order to serve the community around us. Vertical Community Church, a ABSC church plant which in 2015, has partnered with a ministry called Something Abundant in order to give care to the families who care for their hospitalized loved ones.

Angie Nichols and Amy Grigg, founders of Something Abundant and members of Vertical Community Church, have created the Mother Comforts bags. This is a tangible bag that was designed to comfort the mothers and caregivers as they take care of their children during their time under intense care. The bags are filled with specific items and devotional materials that will encourage these caregivers as they work to remain strong while providing strength to their loved ones.

Nichols and Grigg founded this ministry as a result of their own personal testimonies. In 2007, Nichols received news that her 4-year-old daughter had leukemia while at the same time Grigg got word of her son battling a brain tumor in January 2010. During this time, these women felt “isolated and alone.” But God had a plan for them. As a result of their experiences, in 2012, God laid it on their hearts to do something to help mothers who were in their same position.

“We wanted to combine our knowledge and experiences to bring practical hope into Mom’s hands when they are faced with such a devasting circumstance, so we put together our mother comforts projects,” said Nichols.

After visits to the hospital subsided, Nichols and Grigg reached out to organizations such as Texas Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House to begin the process of giving back. Approximately every two months, bags are created and sent out, but they long to do more.

Each bag costs $60 - $100 dollars to make and they are always looking for help. Vertical Community Church plays a role by providing somewhat of a headquarters for these donations. The bags are assembled there and loaded up to be sent out all over the country.

“It is a bag and it’s full of things but mostly what it is is a reminder to a person who’s walking on a journey that’s very lonesome, tiring, and weary that they are not alone,” said Grigg.

As a member of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, Vertical Community Church is happy to assist in service opportunities such as Mother Comforts as a way for this church plant to live out their vision to “love on our community.” (Pastor of Vertical Community Church, Donnie Grigg)