Church Planters Celebrate Kingdom Work in Arkansas

November 11, 2016
Church Planters Celebrate Kingdom Work in Arkansas

During the 2016 Annual Meeting in October, the Church Planting Team hosted a church planting celebration dinner. While every other year there have been separate dinners for the Delta, Cowboy, and Innovative church planters, this year the team wanted to bring them together.  

The purpose of the evening was to unify churches throughout the state, encourage through testimonies, fellowship as believers and pastors, and celebrate what God is doing. There was an evident amount of diversity in the room as tables were filled with different races, backgrounds, and church dynamics.  As a result, all in attendance were able to experience a small glimpse of the wonderful diversity of heaven.  

It was an incredible evening. Over 35 church plants were represented and about 175 people in attendance. Everyone was encouraged by the testimonies of church planters Terrance Long, Andrew Munneke, and Kirby Vardeman as well as Dr. Sonny Tucker, Executive Director of the ABSC. Everyone rejoiced together in what God is doing in and through the church plants in Arkansas.