Fishing for Men Part 3

March 2, 2016
Fishing for Men Part 3

Think Like A Man

If you wish to be effective in ministering to men, it is important to remember one simple truth: Men and women are different! They look, think and act differently. God gave them different roles. And this was no accident. God knew what He was doing. He planned it that way. 

You must embrace this truth or you will never be truly effective in ministering to men. To reach a man, you must begin to think like a man. Remember that men’s ministry is really better defined as man ministry. Luckily, God made this one easy for you. You can think like and man and understand what it means to be a man, because you are one.

As you plan your ministry to men consider the following: 

  1.  All men have interests and hobbies.  What do you like to do?  Are sports, fishing or hunting  your thing? Maybe you enjoy writing, painting or drawing.  The list is limitless.  Chances are, if you like to do something, other men enjoy it as well. If you want to reach men, simply invite them to join you in what you already enjoy doing. Use your time together to build relationships and share Christ with them.
  2. All men have issues.  Just look at your life. Be honest. What issues are you dealing with?  Do you have a difficult boss or co-worker? Maybe you are struggling with financial difficulties?  Have you had problems with your wife or kids?  Are there any health concerns? These issues give you an instant connection to other men because they are dealing with many of the same things in their lives. Use these to build relationships and share Christ as you can offer council, understanding, friendship and support to men who are hurting or struggling.    
  3.  All men want to matter.  You are busy. Men are busy. Remember this.  Don’t waste their time. Ask yourself if what you are planning even really matters to you. If not, chances are it’s not going to matter to the men we are trying to reach either. Consider what really counts and seek to help men become men of significance.  

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