Global Hunger Sunday

October 10, 2021
Global Hunger Sunday

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Following strict lockdowns in one Asian city, an entire neighborhood was encircled with military vehicles enforcing new quarantine regulations. Very few people were allowed to enter the main city from outlying villages, and those inside the soldiers’ barricade were not permitted to leave at all. As you can imagine, families who relied on their jobs in the city for regular income were soon facing a food crisis like they’d never seen—especially those from rural villages with no other access to storefronts. Because of Southern Baptist generosity to the Global Hunger Relief fund, teams were able to distribute emergency food baskets with flour, oil, sugar and buckwheat to families on the brink of starvation. These distributions also made it possible for our partners to share the gospel, and after just a few months, nearly 15 new professions of faith were made! Because of these distributions, food recipients found hope during a difficult time and new families eagerly joined local churches. Your gifts to Global Hunger Relief help bring communities just like this all across the world the physical and spiritual hope they so desperately need in trying times like these.

PRAYER POINTS: Pray that supply chains between the city and surrounding villages would run smoothly. Pray these new believers would grow strong in their faith in the coming year. Pray the Church in Central and South Asia would continue to reach out to their neighbors to meet both physical and spiritual needs. Pray for churches in Central and South Asia facing persecution. Pray for endurance, hope and peace. Pray for more opportunities for Southern Baptists to share the gospel by using Global Hunger Relief funds to feed the hungry.

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