How Churches Can Express Appreciation

September 24, 2015
How Churches Can Express Appreciation

October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Month. This emphasis has been a tradition for several years now.  Among average church members, some are aware of this emphasis. Among church leaders, many are familiar with the concept. But I would say, ALL of our pastors know about Pastor Appreciation Month. Yet many have seen the thirty-one days of October come and go without a word about it in their church. I pray that you will show your appreciation for your pastor every month.

Let me share three of the best ways to express appreciation to your pastor. A thoughtful, timely hand written note is rare and greatly appreciated. Not only does it aid him in the moment, but he will likely hold on to it and look back on it in rough times. Your pastor will appreciate a gift that he might not buy for himself. Maybe it’s a new suit or tickets to watch his favorite team. One of the very best gifts is to love, care for and give recognition to his wife and children.

Exodus 17:11-12 is a great illustration of what a pastor needs. Every pastor needs those who will stand beside him and help hold him up. Pastors are sharp. They may expect that you would do something for them in October. But the best way to prove your appreciation for your pastor is to make sure you acknowledge and pray for him year round. I hope you will encourage others to join with you and use your own creativity to discover ways to affirm your pastor.

There are three kinds of churches. There are those few that love their pastor regardless. There are many that love their pastor, if he loves them. There are also a few that probably wouldn’t love any pastor. I pray Arkansas Baptist churches will be like the “few”!

Larry White, Faulkner Baptist Association