I Am a Missionary

November 11, 2016
I Am a Missionary

After attending Missions GetAway for Girls, a 6-year-old girl came home from school upset about what one of her friends said about her. Her mom explained that Jesus taught us to love everyone even if they do not have nice comments about us. The little girl returned to school and approached her friend from the previous day. She told her friend that she could say whatever she wanted about her because she knew God loved her and her friend. Her friend said that she did not believe in God. She responded, “Well you should, because He believes in you.”

When this girl came home and told her mother about the conversation with her friend, her mother was impressed with her daughter’s response. The mother asked her where she learned how to respond in that situation. Her daughter explained that while at Missions GetAway, “The leaders encouraged us to be a missionary who tells others about God’s love for them.”

This is what missions discipleship is all about…teaching and learning about missions to the point of knowing as Christ followers we are to live out a missions lifestyle every day. We are the missionaries who need to tell our friends and neighbors about God’s love.  

Charity Taylor serves on the ABSC Missions Team