Lead > Defend Podcast:Navigating A New Normal

September 3, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast:Navigating A New Normal

In this episode, Ryan and Seth talk about all the things they’ve accomplished (or haven’t accomplished) during this COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine periods. 

The normal we knew is gone, and this new sense of normalcy is setting in, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe the normal we knew wasn’t so good after all. The guys take a look at Exodus 33 and talk about what God has been teaching them, or showing them, and how we can use this period of time to advance the Gospel better than we were before. 


Questions They Discuss: 

What were your COVID projects? 

What is something God has taught you through COVID?

Do you want God?

Do I want to get back to normal or do I want to see God do something?

Do we meet with God?

Do we need God?

How do we keep that sense of ‘I have to be desperate for God’s presence’ even when things are starting to go back to a sense of normalcy? 







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