Lead > Defend Podcast: How To Grow In Leadership feat. Brian Hughes

September 17, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: How To Grow In Leadership feat. Brian Hughes

In this episode of the Lead > Defendo Podcast, Ryan talks to Brian Hughes, Associate College Pastor at First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas about all things leadership. 

Brian talks about leaders that have helped shape his skills and life, as well as discuss practical ways you can start sharpening and growing in your leadership skills.  


Questions They Discuss: 

When you think of the word 'leader' what do you think of?

How would you say people develop in their leadership abilities?

When we think of leadership, biblically, who sticks out to you?

Who have been some people who have shaped you in your leadership?

As a leader, how do you have hard conversations with people?

How did you set up to become a leader?

What were some defining moments in your development?

How can someone grow in their leadership?

What are some resources to use to grow in leadership? (links below) 



Spiritual Leadership - J. Oswald Sanders

Leadershift - John Maxwell

Manhood Restored - Eric Mason

Making Disciples Podcast

RFTH Leadership Podcast




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