Lead >Defend Podcast LIVE: Baptist Collegiate Ministers Tackle Hot Topics

December 12, 2019
Lead >Defend  Podcast  LIVE: Baptist Collegiate Ministers Tackle Hot Topics

BCM Ministers Cole Penick from the University of Arkansas and Tyler Hoffpauir from Arkansas State University join us in our last live episode to discuss hot topics (and we don't mean the store) that we face every single day. Discussions on mental health, sexual identity, and political standings are topics that have become increasingly elevated in today's culture. The guys talk about each one, and how we, as Christians, can appropriately respond and handle each one according to what God calls us to do. 

Questions They Discuss

How to handle depression/anxiety in yourself and friends? Recommendations? 

How should a Christian respond to a sexually confused culture? 

What is a healthy response to a friend that decides to 'come out' to you? 

How do you love well without affirming patterns of behavior that don't line up with scripture? 

How do we, as Christians, engage lovingly and well in a politically charged culture without drawing lines?


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