Lead > Defend Podcast: Let's Talk About Immigration feat. Miriam Ramirez

August 20, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Let's Talk About Immigration feat. Miriam Ramirez

In this episode, Miriam Ramirez comes back to chat with Ryan and Seth about immigration. We learned a little bit about Miriam and her law firm in the first episode of season 2, but the guys talk with her more in-depth about what she does and how she does it. 

Sometimes we can hear the word ‘immigration’ and immediately get intimidated. However, Miriam talks about the process of immigration and shows that it’s not all that scary. They’re people just looking for a better opportunity through a system that’s a little complicated. Ryan and Seth answer a few of the questions on the citizenship test to see if they would even be able to pass it themselves. You’ll have to listen to the end to find out though if they pass or not. 


Questions They Discuss: 

What comes to mind when you hear the word immigration?

Why is immigration an issue to some on different levels? 

What are some of the things that are difficult in your job that people just don’t understand?

How are people, who immigrate here, misconstrued? 

What trip in college help shaped your perspective on immigration? 

What kind of opportunities have you’ve had since you are a citizen, compared to those in your family that are not citizens here?

How could someone jump in on this and get those perspectives?  

Why is someone getting their citizenship so exciting? 

What does a citizenship test look like and what is the process like? 

How many questions are there and how many do you have to get correct? 

What are some ways that we can pray for you as you go about your job?  






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