Lead > Defend Podcast: Lead > Defend LIVE w/ Andy Jennings

April 30, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Lead > Defend LIVE w/ Andy Jennings

In the last, but certainly not least, episode of our Lead > Defend LIVE series, the guys sat down with Andy Jennings. Andy is the Young Adult Pastor at Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas.

Apologetics. Its part of what Lead > Defend is all about, but why is it so important? How can we build it up? Seth, Ryan, and Andy talk about all that and discuss some fundamental truths that are useful in building upon your faith. 


Questions They Discussed:

Are young adults actively involved in the church still?

How would you define ‘Apologetics’? 

Are these questions of apologetics something people are asking? 

Why do you think it’s possible for someone, who’s grown up in church, etc. to still not know what they really believe?

If someone doesn’t have a firm foundation but wants one, where can they start?

What are the fundamental elements that we need? 

If you had one word of encouragement that you could give to young adults, what would it be? 




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