Lead > Defend Podcast: Lead > Defend LIVE w/ Bill Newton

March 19, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Lead > Defend LIVE w/ Bill Newton

In this episode, we continue with live recordings from the Lead > Defend 2020 Conference. The guys talk to Bill Newton, Generations Pastor at First Baptist Hot Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Newton has been with the conference since the very beginning.

The abortion debate has been a topic of discussion for many years now. With recent laws being challenged or even changed, it’s more important than ever that we as Christians discern what’s right and wrong about the topic in order to have an informed opinion and be able to point people toward the Gospel. Newton, an apologist, goes into depth with Seth and Ryan about how to properly argue against abortion with grace and biblical facts. 

Questions They Discussed: 

Where does the conversation on abortion start?

Where does Bill land on this topic?

What are some logical thoughts to consider in this argument?

How would you speak into a moment of crisis like this, if someone was having to choose between life or abortion? 

What are some other arguments you can use against abortion?  

How can students be advocates for life? 

Is there ever a time in which getting an abortion is okay? 



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