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April 2, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Lead > Defend LIVE w/ Mary Jo Sharp


In the third episode of our LIVE series that we recorded at the Lead > Defend 2020 Conference in February. Ryan and Seth talk to Mary Jo Sharp, assistant professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University. She’s also the founder and director of Confident Christianity Apologetics. 

Mary Jo discusses her journey to faith, after growing up in the Pacific Northwest as an atheist. She talks about the importance of apologetics and discerning the truth for yourself. A lot of us grow up in church, around important people that share their faith journey with us. It’s important, however, for college students and young adults to grow into their faith as their own so they can effectively discern the truth from the lies that the world tends to throw at them. 


Questions They Discussed: 

We’ve heard a lot of deconversion stories lately, tell us why that’s not your story? 

How did you find a resolution to that tension you had for the church? 

What do you think inspires certain people to walk away from the faith?

What is the danger of having it both ways?

What are some resources for young adults and students to find and seek out the truth for themselves? (links below) 

If you had one word to give, of encouragement, to college students and young adults, what would it be at this phase in their life?

Do you have more hope for the generation to come, in light of those things?

What is your word to the church today? 



Why I Still Believe Book




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