Lead > Defend Podcast: Missing Out On Senior Year Feat. James McCormick

May 14, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Missing Out On Senior Year Feat. James McCormick

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a ton of different people in different ways. One of those being seniors across the board, whether it was high school students or college students. Being a senior in 2020 did not play out as you thought it would a year ago. In this episode, Ryan and Seth sat down with a local high school senior to talk about their unusual senior year.  

James McCormick is from Harmony Grove high school and a fellow senior in the class of 2020. Like many, he’s had a lot of things canceled including his final high school baseball season. However, he talks to the guys about how this pandemic has not only affected him but encouraged him in ways he never thought it would.


Questions They Discussed:


What are some things you, or your peers, have really missed out on?

What’s it like preparing for that next chapter of your life, when you really didn’t get closure on the previous one?

What was the day like when you found out school was going to be postponed? Canceled? 

In this season, what has been the most encouraging thing for you?

What does sharing your spiritual life/daily walk look like? 

What advice would you give other high school seniors who are going through this season too? 

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the next season of life? 





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