Lead > Defend Podcast: New Year, New Resolutions

December 26, 2019
Lead > Defend Podcast: New Year, New Resolutions

Christmas is over and 2020 is just around the corner. With a new year brings new goals and promises you want to try and keep, something called New Year's Resolutions. In this episode, Marissa joins the guys again to talk about making those resolutions and keeping them. They also dive into 'God-honoring' resolutions like reading the Bible in a year and share helpful tips on where to begin and how to not fall behind (and they also share that it is okay if you do fall short).  


Questions They Discuss: 

New Year's Resolutions - Are you for them, or against them? 

What are some of the most common resolutions?

What does it mean to develop a daily quiet time? 

Where does someone start in reading God's word, and developing that habit? 

What are some other God honoring resolutions that people can use? 


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