Lead > Defend Podcast: Ryan & Seth Are Back feat. Miriam Ramirez

July 23, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: Ryan & Seth Are Back feat. Miriam Ramirez


In the very first episode of season 2, Ryan and Seth talk to one of Ryan’s good friends from college - Miriam Ramirez! In this episode, you’ll hear her heart for the Lord, and also her passion for helping those in difficult situations. 

Miriam has had her own law firm, Ramirez Law Firm in Hot Springs, for three years now. She has a passion for family and immigration law but a huge heart for Jesus as well. Her goals are always to make sure her clients are taken care of and win their case and to make sure they see the love and grace of Jesus through her. 


Questions They Discuss: 

Does it usually take a year to get your license? 

What was it like growing up as a pastors kid? When did you come to faith yourself?

Where did the dream to go to law school come from? What made you passionate about the law?

How did you process what people would say about ‘you can’t be a Christian and a lawyer’? 

How do you live out the Good News of Jesus in your profession day in and day out?

How would you view your work as a calling - something the Lord has told you to do?

What’s it like finding a community/church in a new town as a young adult?

What would be your advice to yourself 10-years ago, or a college student today? 

What’s your favorite place in Hot Springs?

Is there a story, or scripture, that has helped drive you in life? 






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