Lead > Defend Podcast: What's The Deal With Alcohol?

February 20, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: What's The Deal With Alcohol?

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Adam Venters again to discuss the topic of alcohol. It’s something that’s advertised everywhere, on social media, our tv shows, etc. You can’t escape it. So how can we as Christians discern the right and wrongs? Ryan and Adam dive into that and share some personal stories and wisdom on what to do, and how to deal with it. 


Questions They Discuss:

Why is there so much discussion around the controversy of alcohol? 

What are some scriptures that stood out to how we should handle alcohol?

How do you discern justifying those actions?  

What are the differences in legalism and just a personal commitment that people make in their life? 

What has been your personal commitment to alcohol, and how has that shaded the fact that you work with college students if any? 

Why is the excuse that 'Jesus turned water into wine, so drinking alcohol must be okay’ so dumb? 


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