Lead > Defend Podcast: So You've Graduated College...Now What?

May 28, 2020
Lead > Defend Podcast: So You've Graduated College...Now What?

In the final episode of season one, Ryan and Seth talk to Keith Young. A 2019 graduate from the University of Central Arkansas, Keith is a young professional navigating the world of life after college. In the life of a college senior, especially during COVID-19, the future might seem a little unclear. There is hope, even in hard times, as long as we continue to lean on God for guidance and peace.

In this episode, you’ll hear the guys talk about Young’s college experience and his spiritual life. You’ll also learn some practical tips on finding your passion in your career, building your resume, and how to properly use it as well as how to nail that interview. 

Season one is coming to a close, but be on the lookout for information regarding the release date of Season two! We have a lot of cool shows planned. Be sure to check out any episodes from this season that you missed so you’re all caught up. Stay tuned!


Questions They Discussed:

How was your college experience?

How does one get passionate about supply chain management? 

How important is passion in pursuing your career?

At what point do you start thinking about your resume? How do you build it?

How many resumes did you send out? How did it go getting that interview moment?

What are some pro-tips in landing a good interview? How should you dress?

What are some pro-tips for transitioning to a new community in your young adult years?

What are some of those opportunities to say ‘yes’ too?

How do you live out your faith being the newbie in a company/organization?






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