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The Most Strategic Day of the Year:Graduation

Graduation day is one of the most exciting times in college ministry! Does that surprise you? Now before you start to protest, it isn’t because of the long graduation speeches or hundreds of people crammed together to watch. Graduation is the launching pad to send out Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) students across the globe for ministry and mission. Colt Booth is one of those students. After working on staff for three years at BCM, he is graduating with his degree from Midwestern Seminary. It is our privilege to launch Colt into his next stage of ministry! Here are some reflections from him on the impact of BCM in his life.      
May 11, 2022
College + Young Leaders

Five Key Priorities for a Successful College Summer Ministry

The calendar year in college ministry is dominated by two months: August and September – the start of school. However, summers are the downtime in a college student’s life. This reflection is one of the key factors that led the Little Rock Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) along with our group of amazing churches to rethink our summer strategy and birth the Little Rock Project.  
April 27, 2022

Ukrainian Refugees

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the largest movement of people in Europe since World War II. More than 3.5 million Ukrainians have sought safety in bordering nations.
April 5, 2022

Sharing the Gospel with the "Nones"

“Really? You’re joking.” The 27-year-old woman laughed, then stared back at me from across the table. “is that really what Jesus...

March 30, 2022

Ron & Alana Greenwich

“What a blessing it is to invest in the lives of the next generation of missionaries!”
March 27, 2022

One Day: Serve Local

“The goal of Serve Local is to provide a cooperative effort that assists churches in moving people from the pew to active ministry.”
March 20, 2022

Amer & Vicki Safadi

Amer and Vicki Safadi weren’t sure at first that Cincinnati was where God wanted them to plant a church.
March 13, 2022
College + Young Leaders

A Blueprint for Discipleship

Fall semester in the life of a college minister cannot be any more exciting! Welcome week, first day of class, meeting lots of new people, and having the opportunity to share Jesus among all the activities. This past semester God moved and we had several students decide to follow Christ and several who have rekindled their love for Jesus. 
March 11, 2022
College + Young Leaders

Building an Evangelistic Culture: The Foundation of a Sending Culture

Building an evangelistic culture is no small feat for any church or organization. Even many missions sending agencies struggle to build this culture. When it comes to laying a foundation for this culture one of the most important components to remember is consistency.  
March 11, 2022

Annie Armstrong

275 million people are estimated lost in North America.
March 6, 2022
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