Teens and Technology Stats (2015)

August 12, 2019
Teens and Technology Stats (2015)

Teens and Technology - Stats as of 2015

  • 94% of 15-17 yr. olds and 78% of 12-14 yr. olds carry a cell phone
  • 50% of preteens have a cell phone
  • 50% of teens said their social life would be ended or worsened if their cell phones were taken away
  • 3339 is the average number of texts sent by an American teen each month
  • A 40-50 year old sends 400 texts a month
  • Teens average 10 hours a day with media and 6 minutes in conversation with mom, 5 minutes with dad
  • 68% of teens suffer from nomophobia, the fear of being without a phone
  • 72% of teens sleep with their phones
  • 44% of teens are losing an hour of sleep because of time on cell phone
  • 62% of teens own a smart phone
  • Most parents assume there is some type of security on phones