The Grind: Disaster Relief Training Goes Virtual

August 3, 2020
The Grind: Disaster Relief Training Goes Virtual

In this episode of The Grind, Neal talks to Randy Garrett, Disaster Relief Director, about the upcoming virtual Disaster Relief Volunteer training. As COVID-19 continues to spread, Disaster Relief canceled training events for the rest of the year. Instead of waiting until 2021, they decided to take it to your living room. 

Neal talks to Randy about all that will be offered during the online event, how you can get involved with DR, and the general history of Disaster Relief at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Click the links below to get involved! 


Questions Discussed: 

What does DR stand for? 

How long have you been involved with Disaster Relief?

What is your official title?

How do people get ahold of DR when they need help? 

How can you get involved with DR? 

What are the disciplines involved with DR? 

What disciplines are being offered with virtual training? 

What isn’t offered during the virtual training?

When did college students connect with DR and help clean-up? 



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