The Grind: Practical Ways To Use Prayer & Combat Spiritual Warfare

February 25, 2020
The Grind: Practical Ways To Use Prayer & Combat Spiritual Warfare

In this episode, Neal and Greg continue to talk to Dave about the ongoing process of his church plant in Vilonia, Arkansas. They talk about a planter's prayer life, and how important prayer is in a church planter's journey. They also talk about combatting the spiritual warfare that comes along with doing God's work. 


Questions Discussed: 

How important is prayer to you right now? 

Do you set aside time to pray? Should you? How should that kind of look?

As a planter, how are you praying for specifics? How are you praying for your team?

How are you equipping your core group to pray?

Where does spiritual warfare factor in when you get serious about calling on God to reach a city?

Did you anticipate yourself changing in any way? Was it tough? 


Key Takeaways:

Prayer is important. When you’re church planting, you realize how dependent you are on God. If He’s not in it, it’s not going to happen. But you have to learn to ask Him. 

God knows everything going on. He will sustain you, no matter how discouraging of a day you might have. God knows, and He’s paving a way for great things. So continue to stay in His Word and pray.


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