2019 Jail and Prison Ministry Training

2019 Jail and Prison Ministry Training

Friday and Saturday
April 26 and April 27, 2019
PRE-Registration is required
We do have a few seats left. Please call 501-376-4791, ext. 5137 by 2:30pm, Thursday, April 25th to check availability.

Arkansas Baptist State Convention
10 Remington Drive, Little Rock

We're offering four 4-hour classes, four times each, geared towards new and experienced volunteers.

If you can attend Friday only, or Saturday only, you may choose two of the four. If you attend both days, you can take three, or all four classes.

Classes are $5 each, which includes lunch and materials.

Class times on Friday and Saturday: 8:00am to Noon, 1:00pm to 5:00pm (lunch provided). All classes last 4 hours. All four classes below are offered during all four time slots on Friday and Saturday. Choose any combination of classes and times you wish.

1) Basic Training for County and City Jail Ministry 
2) Basic Training for Prison Ministry 
3) Walking with the Released
4) Three in One:  How to Minister to Correctional Staff, Do’s and Don’ts for Jail/Prison Volunteers, Games Criminals Play
    (Full course descriptions are below the registration link)

Course Descriptions and Leaders:

Basic Training for County and City Jail Ministry -"Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."  Hebrews 13:3  Has God called you to minister to the incarcerated?  Learn first-hand the tools that were used in shaping the life of the class facilitator, a former county jail and prison inmate.  Led by Tracey Lindsey, Director of the Tetelestai House of Omaha, AR.  Tracy is also a  jail ministry volunteer in her local county jail. 

Basic Training for Prison Ministry -  How do you get your foot in the door to minister inside an Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) prison unit?  What do volunteers do in prison?  How can you make a difference in the life of an inmate?  This class is led by Joshua Mayfield, Administrator of Religious Services for the Arkansas Department of Correction.  Joshua supervises all ADC chaplains.  


Walking with the Released -  Learn how to get connected with the released in your area.  Learn how to say yes and no with love!  What now? You’ll leave with the tools you need to get connected with someone who has been released from incarceration.  – Led by Robert Holt, who is the executive director of LOVE: Let Our Violence End, and pastor of Healing Waters Outreach Center in Shannon Hills. He’s worked with gangs and drug issues for 25 years.


Three in One:  How to Minister to Correctional Staff, Do’s and Don’ts for Jail/Prison Volunteers, Games Criminals Play - 1) How to minister to correctional staff. Correctional staff are often excluded from the ministry of volunteers suggesting that it is an "us against them" mentality. In order to have an effective ministry, staff must be included in all phases of jail and prison outreach. 2) Dos and Donts for jail and prison volunteers. Keys to effective jail and prison ministry. 3) Games Criminals Play. How to recognize games criminals play and protecting yourself from the "con."- Led by John Belken, Commissioner, Arkansas Parole Board. He has worked in a variety of roles in Corrections and Parole dating back to 1975, including Correctional Officer, deputy Warden, and Full-time Chaplain. 

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