2019 Young Leaders' Panel

2019 Young Leaders' Panel

Join us at lunch at the 2019 ABSC Pastors' Conference for this year's Young Leaders' Panel. The topic of this year's panel is:

Developing Young Ministry Leaders

We have yet to meet a church that had all of the ministry leaders they needed.  In our current climate, there are not enough pastors, worship pastors, student pastors, church planters, children's ministers, etc...  The IMB and NAMB have resources available to send missionaries and church planters but don't have enough qualified people to send.  How do we turn this tide and create environments in our churches where young leaders are once again desiring the noble ministry calling?  How do we develop them so they are prepared to fulfill their God-given callings?  How do we support them, so they don't feel isolated and alone?  Come join us as we dive into these issues with our Young Leaders Panel.


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