2021 Connect - Gospel Share

2021 Connect - Gospel Share

What: CONNECT Gospel Share

When: Saturday April 10, 2021

Where: Your local community

Who: 7th -12 grade students and their adult leaders

Cost: FREE!


Since 2009, CONNECT has brought students and their adult leaders from across the state together in a single location to meet needs and share the Gospel.  In 2020 CONNECT was cancelled like so many other events due to COVID 19.  The CONNECT event originally scheduled for April 9-11, 2021 in Texarkana has been changed due once again to the pandemic.  Rather than cancel the event altogether, we are offering the first ever CONNECT Gospel Share event.  For detailed information click here.  


CONNECT Gospel Share will take place on Saturday April 10. Involvement is simple and free of charge. Here is what you need to do to get involved:


  1. Student Leaders:
  • Register your group below.  Be sure to request the number of wristbands you will need.
  • Promote the event with your students.
  • Get students to sign up and help them identify a lost person to pray for. Use this SIGN UP SHEET as a template.
  • Help students find creative ways to pray for their lost friend/friends.
  • Pass out the Gospel bands.
  • Watch the training video.
  • Enlist adults to assist students with Gospel presentations.
  • Send reminders about April 10. If possible, you may want to meet together that morning in person or by Zoom before they go out that day.
  • Share your stories using #CONNECTGS21
  1. Students:
  • Sign up.
  • Identify at least 1 lost person.
  • Commit to pray for that person beginning in March until April 9.
  • Watch the training video and practice sharing the Gospel using the Gospel band.
  • Pray for others in your student ministry and around the state who are also praying for lost friends.
  • Share the Gospel with at least one person on Saturday April 10.
  • Use #CONNECTGS21 to share your experiences
  1. Adult Volunteers
  • Commit to pray for students and their lost friends.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Be available for a specific time frame on Saturday April 10 if students need help with Gospel conversations. 
  • Share your experiences using #CONNECTGS21


Make plans now to join us for CONNECT Gospel Share 2021. For more information text or call Travis McCormick at 501.412.5637 or email at