2023 One Day Serve Local

2023 One Day Serve Local

(Registration is now LIVE!)
Serve Local is a missions movement that happens on one day (Saturday, April, 1, 2023) where churches plan and participate in service-based mission projects to make kingdom impact on their local community! This results in thousands of Gospel conversations, ministry sites across Arkansas, and most importantly, people find Jesus!

Over the last three years, over 5,900 Arkansas Baptists have “Served Local” resulting in 351 professions of faith. This is the Kingdom impact that happens across our state when all ABSC churches engage their communities in missions and evangelism on the exact same day.

 One Day: Serve Local is designed to provide you, free of charge, with all of the resources, training, preparation and documents you need to create a successful local missions effort for your church, Sunday School class, small group or other ministry group. 

Resources for Serve Local will be available by February 15 and will be emailed to those who register. These written resources will assist you in planning and executing an effective Serve Local, including ideas for serving local. There will also be videos that can be used for evangelism training.

The ABSC Missions Team is also making available to you, upon request at registration, one of the following evangelism resources that best fits your ministry plans:

·        The Kings Witness Bracelet. These bracelets use 5 symbols to share the Gospel story. Request one for each volunteer.

·        Evangecubes. The evangecube is a tangible and visual tool that uses 7 pictures to unfold the Gospel message. Request one for each ministry site.

·        3 Circles Phone Stickers. The 3 Circles is a conversation-style evangelism tool, and the stickers allow someone to use the tool without drawing the diagram. Request one for each volunteer.

Leaders are asked to request the one evangelism resource that best fit their ministry plans for Serve Local. Should you have multiple ministries that would need different evangelism tools, please request your primary tool on the registration form, then send an email request to Clint Ritchie ( for the additional resource.

Resources are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Other resources include:                                                                                                                   

A video will be sent to each leader that can be used as a “Kick-off” for the day of service. This video can either be watched as a group or sent to each person to watch before they join others for Serve Local. At the end of the day, a celebration video will then be compiled from pictures across the state and posted on social media. More details on how to submit your pictures, and where to find the video, will be found in the written resources.

Upon registration, you'll receive a link to a recorded zoom discussion focused upon sharing Serve Local ideas that have worked in the past, ways to discover needs in the community, and how to view Serve Local as a process that begins with prayer and promotion, then ends with effective follow-up. Register below for Serve Local. Thanks! 

Following Serve Local, participating churches will be asked to let us know about their day of ministry. An email will be sent on April 3, and churches that respond back within the week will be entered into a drawing for one of five book bundles that will be held on Tuesday, April 11, at 10:30 A.M. on Facebook live on the ABSC Missions Team page.