International Student Gathering 2020

International Student Gathering 2020

A virtual gathering of Arkansas university international students.
Bringing the nations together

International Student Involvement
Cost: Registration is free; your local gathering may have a small charge for food or activity.

This weekend provides a variety of opportunities such as: 

  • An opportunity for international students to meet others from their country of origin
  • An opportunity for a local gathering for a "watch party"
  • An opportunity to practice conversational English
  • An opportunity to ask spiritual questions
  • An opportunity for interactive discussion and involvement

American ISM Volunteer Involvement
This is only open to Americans who work closely with international students through a local BCM or Baptist affiliated ISM ministry or a church supporting either or both of those.

  • Plan to host a watch party on Friday night and eat lunch with your local internationals on Saturday (using social distancing).
  • Plan to attend and register using the link below.
  • Invite all the internationals you know to participate. 
  • Registration deadline is November 5.
  • Zoom links will be sent by noon November 6. 
  • The full schedule will be available October 22.
  • Encourage the international students to register and send the registration link or promotion photo at the top with the QR code to your international students. (The link is activated as they place their smart phone camera over the QR code and the link shows on their screen. Touch the link and the registration opens.)
  • Check with your local International Department Director to see if they will forward the "international student gathering promo" to all the international students. Please communicate with them this information:
    This weekend is designed to gather students together to meet internationals at other colleges and universities in Arkansas. They will have an opportunity to practice conversational English as they learn more about our culture and we learn more about their culture. This is sponsored by Arkansas Baptists affiliated with Baptist Collegiate Ministry. This is open to all international students. We are Christians, but this is not an event to proselytize the international student. There is one breakout that will be offered that is for them to ask spiritual questions. There may be one other breakout option designed for the Christian international student. They are welcome to contact me personally if they have questions. Teresa Bit Stephens - 501-472-4861.

Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Even if you cannot attend, please send the registration link to your international friends and pray for the weekend.

Reminder: The registration may be accessed using the link below or the QR code on the promotion picture at the top.

Teresa "Bit" Stephens