Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Webinar presented by MinistrySafe

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Webinar presented by MinistrySafe

Sexual Abuse: Reducing the Risk

Please join the ABSC Church Health Team for a Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Webinar Online presented by MinistrySafe, the nation's foremost leader in sexual abuse prevention.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This training will be helpful for Church administrators, Pastors, Church Staff, Safety and Security, Screening Personnel, Lay Leaders and Human Resources Representatives of your church. 

MinistrySafe Director and attorney, Greg Love, will address safeguarding minors from abuse along with the following topic:

Peer to Peer Sexual Abuse

Protecting children from an adult sexual abuser is challenging.  What if the abusive behavior is coming from another child?  This risk is called Peer to Peer Abuse or Peer Sexual Abuse, and this risk is growing.  This webinar fits within a series of trainings designed to provide instruction in sexual abuse risk, prevention and response. This particular presentation will provide information about how Peer Sexual Abuse unfolds, where it is likely to occur and steps to prevent it.

"We cannot reduce a risk that we don't understand."


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