The Work of the Interim Minister

The Work of the Interim Minister

This conference will help equip you to better perform the strategic ministry of the interim pastor. Led by Jimmie Sheffield and David Bond, the training will be held at Camp Paron.

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The time between permanent pastors is a critical time for a church. Members often give tirelessly to keep the ministries operating at maximum capacity. Decisions are frequently made about the future direction of the church.


This conference will prepare a person to be better able to:

  • Develop a covenant with a congregation that clearly describes the responsibilities of the interim pastor and the congregation.
  • Enter a congregation in order to more quickly join with the church and its ministry.
  • Study the health of a congregation and determine where the church might need assistance.
  • Articulate the ethics of the interim pastor’s involvement in planning for the church’s future, including appropriate contact with the Pastor Search Committee.
  • Prepare the church for the coming of a new pastor.
  • Exit a congregation in a way to provide good closure for ministry and the opening of a new chapter in the church’s life.

Training is in partnership with the Center for Congregational Health®.


ABSC Pastors and Staff
Tuition $150
Lodging/Meals/Materials $105
Total Costs $255*

Non-ABSC Pastors and Staff
Tuition $595
Lodging/Meals/Materials $105
Total Costs $700*

*Commuters (meals and materials only, no lodging) may attend for $215 (ABSC) or $660 (non-ABSC).


The Work of the Interim Minister brochure

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April 22–26, 2019 ...