IMB Mission College Breakouts

2022 IMB Mission College Breakouts
FBC Russellville
February 28-March 2, 2022

BREAKOUTS: Each participant will choose two different breakouts (90 minutes each). Each breakout time in the schedule will include 9 breakouts. These will be offered Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon of March 1) 

The Sending Church (max. 30) – Learn how to develop a passion for missions in your congregation. Get ideas about ways to involve everyone in missions from children to senior adults and those who cannot go on mission trips. Hear how to select and prepare folks to serve overseas either short term or long term.   

Short-term Trips (max. 30) – Find out how to effectively plan mission trips, plus how to stay organized and on budget. Discuss best practices for working alongside missionaries and local believers and how to be aware of safety concerns as you travel.   

Prayer Strategies (max. 30) – Get ideas about creative ways to develop and maintain a strong prayer emphasis for missions in your church. Also, hear about the importance of prayer for all mission work. 

Mercy Ministries (max. 30) - Discover how to appropriately integrate human needs ministries into your church planting strategy.  

Catholicism in Latin America (max. 30) – Dialog about the major tenets of Catholicism and how to engage in the missionary task in a such a context.   

People Next Door and abroad (max. 30) – Discover the purpose, strategies, and tools for engaging people groups, whether they are next door or overseas. Begin to identify people groups who reside next door to you, learn about their worldview, and hear practical tips for engaging them.  

Reaching Muslims (max. 30) – Learn about Muslim beliefs and culture as well as specific evangelism methods appropriate for their context and worldview. 

Sharing the Gospel Cross-Culturally (max. 30) – Learn the principles and practice adapting gospel presentations to communicate the Gospel in different cultures. 

Reaching Hindus (max. 30) - Learn about Hindu beliefs and cultures as well as specific evangelism methods appropriate for their context and worldview.