Literacy Missions

New for 2020! The ABSC Missions Team is combining two popular workshops (Literacy Missions and Bible Storying) into one incredible Literacy Missions training event!

Literacy Missions training prepares Arkansas Baptists to help people in three specific areas: 

  • Internationals who need a better grasp of English (English as a Second Language);
  • Adults who want to learn to read and write and the need to improve their reading skills (Adult Reading and Writing);
  • School-aged children and youth who need help with basic skills and/or school work (Tutoring Children and Youth)

The 11-hour training workshop covers a multitude of topics—basic ministry administration needs; tutoring training skills; and ways to incorporate the Gospel in a tutoring session—and is developed specifically for churches to take and fit their local ministry needs. One statewide training workshop is offered every year, with other workshops conducted at churches across the state as requested.

The Southern Baptist Convention offers English as a Second Language Hybrid Online Training. For the current class, visit