Mississippi River Ministry

The Mississippi River Ministry (MRM) is a partnership of the area’s eight state conventions (including Arkansas). The conventions have developed projects to address the needs of the people of the Mississippi River region. The MRM also networks with the North American Mission Board and Woman’s Missionary Union, SBC, to resource and respond to projects and ministries developed and sponsored by local associations and churches.

The 142-county region of Mississippi River Ministry has been referred to as the “third world" along the Mississippi. The area is marked by

  • Inadequate health care and high infant mortality
  • Substandard housing and homelessness
  • Lack of education. Less than ½ of those older than 25 have a high school diploma.

Check out the link to Arkansas MRM mission projects, but first look over some things you should know:

  • The MRM Region is very diverse both racially and culturally. All volunteers must be willing to work with all races within the community. Volunteers must work with the local sponsor to support local ministry goals and development.
  • Unless otherwise noted, volunteers must provide their own local transportation.
  • If housing is provided, be sure to ask if you need to provide your own bedding.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all volunteers must provide their own meals, supplies, and equipment.
  • Volunteers should be active church members. Churches that enlist non-Baptist volunteers must be responsible for the supervision and conduct of those volunteers.
  • The local churches and associations are God’s primary messengers to the area. Volunteers must cooperate with and follow local leadership.