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Trusting God leads to a rich communion with God - Andrea Lennon

Welcome to episode 3 in our Trusting God Series! We are well on our way in the study of Abraham. We have seen God-sized moments in Abram’s life, and we have seen him blow it. (I know all of us can relate to both!)


I want to pick up on a thought we introduced last week. During hard times, we will go the route of faith or fear. The route of trusting God or trusting Self.


This is what each path looks like in our lives:

  • Fear leading to sin leading to Consequences.
  • Faith leading to Righteousness leading to Victory.


Ultimately what will fuel our decision to embrace faith as we turn from fear is our trust in God. (His Character. His ability. His strength. His truth.) The all-important question is, “Do I trust God? Do I believe what the Bible says about God is true?”


Let’s transition to today’s passage. I love how Abram’s story unfolds!

4 Key Points from Genesis 13:1-18

Context: Abram left Egypt and headed back to the place of Promise. His actions and attitudes revealed a faith-filled heart instead of a fear-filled heart.

  1. Go Back to the Place of Worship (Vs. 1-4) Abram returned from Egypt, and he was a wealthy man. Let’s not miss the point that God used the storm of Egypt to position Abram for a strong future. God was making Abram into a Nation. (Remember, that was part of the Promise!) God was establishing Abram in every way. He was providing resources like livestock, silver, and gold. As always, God was creative in the way He provided. God was protecting the Promise while He was further established the Promise. It is important for us to remember that where God guides, He always provides! God used the storm of Egypt to shape Abram’s character, so He would be a man of wisdom and faith.


  1. Seek Peace and Pursue Peace (Vs 7-8) There is so much packed in these two verses of Scripture. We learn that quarreling broke out between Abram and Lot’s herdsmen. Once again, we see that Abram was in a pinch. How will he respond this time? Will he trust God or trust himself? Before we get to the answer, let’s take note of an important point… the statement about the Canaanites and Perizzites who were also living in the land. God was building Abram into a nation, a group of people who were God’s chosen possession. God planned for the Nation to be a Holy Nation that was set apart for God’s glory. The result? The Nation would display the difference God makes among a people. So the very fact that discord was happening among Abram and Lot’s herdsmen was a big problem. And the very fact that others were watching the discord was a big problem.




  1. Trust God with the outcome (Vs. 8-9). Abram recognized that he and Lot were brothers. As a result, there was no place for quarreling. Abram went to Lot and said, Let’s not have any quarreling between you and me or between your herdsmen and mine, for we are brothers.” Then Abram let Lot pick the direction he wanted to go. And Abram was content to go in a different direction.


  1. Keep your eyes focused on the Prize (Vs. 14-18). Lot chose the Plain of the Jordan, which was close to Sodom. Most likely, Lot had been longing for the things that were available in the Plains, which looked like Egypt. (Remember, Egypt represented the world!) What an important point that we should not miss. “Egypt” will always be tempting. Egypt will always look good, but it will always lead to destruction. We live in a fallen world that is wicked. Sin abounds, and only God can save us from us. Lot chooses wickedness, and that will come back to impact Lot and his family as the story unfolds.


Transforming Truth: Trusting God leads to a rich communion with God even in the midst of the wickedness of this world.