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Trusting God means trusting His Timing - Andrea Lennon

This week we are covering Genesis 18, 20, & 21 (Sorry for stating the wrong chapter in the podcast recording)


Welcome to episode eight of Abraham’s journey! Friends, things about to get interesting for  Abraham and Sarah. A phrase that is meaningful in the Old Testament is Little by Little. This phrase describes how God delivered the Promised Land to the Nation of Israel. It was not big. It was not showy. It was little by little. I love how God works! From the very beginning of the Bible, we see the same concept at work.


God worked… little by little.

God provided… little by little.

God moved… little by little.

God taught… little by little.


The phrase little by little does not indicate small or insignificant because God’s work is always big and profound. The phrase little by little indicates the heart of God to work according to His plan in order to accomplish His purpose. The outcome?


  • God is glorified, and the people are encouraged.
  • God’s Name is spread as the people display the difference God makes among them.


While God could have spoken, and everything happened in a single moment, God worked little by little, so the faith of the people could grow into the spaces and places God provided. I have always been drawn to the concept of little by little, and thank God He still works and moves using the same principle today!


Let’s pick up Abraham’s story in Genesis 18. Today we are going to cover several chapters of Scripture. I encourage you to read these chapters, so you don’t miss one aspect of God’s work in and through the life of Abraham.


4 Key Points from Genesis 18-21

  1. Nothing is too hard for the Lord! (Genesis 18:14) Abraham was sitting by the trees at Mamre when the Lord appeared to him. Along with this appearance came three men (angels of the Lord) who showed up and told Abraham that a son was on the way and that Sarah would give birth in one year. Sarah overheard the conversation and laughed. Abraham and Sarah are way beyond childbearing years. The Lord reminds Abraham about His ability in the form of a question. “Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” (Genesis 18:14) What a great reminder for us. In the face of our overwhelming situations that are simply impossible, do we believe there is anything too hard for the Lord?
  2. Bold prayers move the heart and protect the mind! (Genesis 18:22) During the men’s visit, they revealed to Abraham that Sodom would be destroyed. Lot, Abraham’s nephew, lived near Sodom. Abraham’s heart immediately went to Lot and his family. Abraham boldly asked God to spare the city if righteous people were found. This conversation went back and forth between Abraham and God. Why do you think God shared this news with Abraham? (We discover the reason in Genesis 18:17-19!) Abraham was going to be an influential man, and the destruction of Sodom was a big deal. God was faithfully shaping Abraham’s perspective on the situation before the situation came to pass. God was prompting Abraham to boldly ask for the city based on the number of righteous people. The reality was shocking. Only one righteous person (Lot) was found in Sodom. Through the conversation with Abraham, God was providing Abraham with the right mindset or perspective to later process the information. God was preparing Abraham’s heart AND mind. All of this happened on the landscape of bold and honest (PRAYER) communication with God.
  3. God never gives up on His people! (Genesis 20) Sodom was destroyed, and Lot was rescued. Time passed, and once again, Abraham presented Sarah as his sister instead of his wife. (What in the world?) Please note that Abraham had moved away from the Great Tree of Mamre. He traveled south to a part of the land where he wondered about the beliefs of others. At the end of the day, Abraham did not trust God or4 believe Him for the Promise. (Talk about a recurring theme in Abraham’s life!) One good thing came out of this season in Abraham’s life. Abraham and Sarah had to face their sin, and they had to learn that God never gives up on His people! In order for a son to be born, Abraham and Sarah had to be together as a family. God knew this, and God moved. God confronted the King, who took Sarah into his possession and told him he would die if Sarah was not returned to Abraham. It turns out the King was a man of integrity. He returned Sarah to Abraham along with a blessing. In the process, Abraham had to face his sin and turn from it. Then he had to pray for the King and his people because God had closed the wombs of the women. Abraham prayed for the wombs to be open, and he probably faced his own struggle with Sarah’s womb. God protected Abraham, Sarah, and the Promise. Once again, Abraham learned that God could be trusted.
  4. God moves according to His purpose and plan! (Genesis 21) Inhale and exhale because we are at Genesis 21! Finally, after all this time, Sarah gave birth to a son. Can you imagine the joy and relief? The birth of Issac happened at the very time God promised. (Genesis 21:2) Not a day early and not a day late. God is always on time according to his purpose and plan. Think about how Abraham was in Genesis 12 and who Abraham was in Genesis 21. We see a transformation in his walk


Transforming Truth: Trusting God means trusting His timing. All of us know what it is like to want God to move in a certain situation. In our humanity, we want God to “change it,” “provide it,” or “fix it.”  (You know what I mean!) Friends, let’s not beat ourselves up about this desire, but at the same time, let’s recognize how God is working little by little. Let’s commit together to never lose faith and to believe in God even in the moments when we don’t see or experience progress.


Think about the journey from Genesis 12 to Genesis 21. Think about the ups and downs. Abraham knew God, and every step of the journey was important. Next week, we are going to see the hardest test Abraham faced. As we go into Genesis 22, can we see and celebrate the faithfulness of God who laid a strong foundation?


Through Abraham’s life:

  • God was glorified, and Abraham was encouraged.
  • God’s Name was spread as Abraham displayed the difference God made in him.


What about you and me? What can be said about our life? Especially in the spots where we want God to “change it,” “fix it,” “provide it?” Can we commit to God’s plan and purpose as little by little we see how:

  • God is glorified, and I am encouraged.
  • God’s Name is spread as I display the difference God makes in me.


That is the full, free, abundant life Jesus provides.