Coronavirus Update

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ALERT: most events through the end of June have been cancelled or postponed, with some moving online. For a full list of cancelled events, click here.


ABSC teams have created guides for your church to help you get through this challenging time.


Coronavirus Update





Developing a Church Plan For Coronavirus

In the event of a widespread communicable disease, it is necessary for churches to be as proactive as possible in addressing the threat with a heart towards ministry, but also an organized and strategic plan.  Below is an overview of a sample plan you may wish to implement or modify to your church’s needs.
March 12, 2020

How Your Church Can Respond to a Public Health Crisis

The outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world and in numerous areas of the United States has created unease and confusion. Doctors and experts teach us that there are commonsense steps that we can take to prepare our churches to protect their people and continue to minister with confidence.
March 12, 2020
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